By varunsarma31; Published 11 Apr 2008

hi,i'm kinda new in here and ya i'm definitely very interested in astronomy,i'm just a student now,i just kinda finished my schoolin and am lookin forward 2 my future,o.k. these things apart,i do wanna get an inside view on any thing thats happening in space which ne1 of u are familiar of ,plz telll me abt such  or ne incidents like that,well apart from all this personal pleasure as i might say,

 i was just thinking about India playin an important role in space programs,the best part of everythin is that,till now all the  projects have been succeesful,but if India wants us to go to space by 2020 ,doesnt this sound a lil bit,absurd,bcoz dont u think that the money required for sending a life form such as human beings is more that sending a satellite to render the moon's surface, i feel it s more important for us to first verify the capabilities,rather than makin castles in the air, i dont mean to be against the project but,like India has not sent a satellite to even monitor the surface of moon or many other unprecedented events that may occur once in space,India 1st has to train astronauts,then get further more details about a succesful launch to the moon,info about life sustainability  and duration of sustainability in space,bio manipulated food which lasts longer,and of course a powerful enough transmitter to transmit data back to earth,i mean thats quite a lot India will defintely require external help,if not 2020.