[Tentative Proposal] Star Party at Yelagiri

By p6; Published 23 Nov 2007

Dr. Suresh of chennai has proposed to hold an observation / astrophotography session at Yelagiri (180KM from B'lore, off Jolarpet, Tirupattur on the Bangalore-chennai highway) on the 1st of Dec, Sat, 2007.

While this still remains tentative due to a variety of reasons, you 're welcome to express your interest in this event. You may find the original announcement at http://groups.google.com/group/b-a-s/browse_thread/thread/904a0d36f93d4e55

The basic plan would be to leave Bangalore by about late afternoon on saturday, as to reach Yelagiri by evening and subsequently after the nightly-star-party, to start back to Bangalore by late afternoon on Sunday. You may discuss the schedule in more detail on the above mentioned topic.