"THE" celestial event of the Century- Transit of Venus

By keerthi2kiran; Published 14 Jun 2012

As the whole world was gearing up for the most exclusive celestial event of the century there was someone else also trying to sneak in .. the oldest companion of astro-events in namma bengaluru .. the clouds!Even amidst a cloudy weather forecast the Bangalore Astronomical Society (BAS) in association with KGVS went ahead to plan a public outreach programme to view the TrAnSiT oF vEnUs in the most wonderful place to be in early mornings.. Lal Bagh.

From ToV 2012

BAS came equipped with 6 telescopes and a few binoculars ,all made solar viewing safe, a few projection method experiments and KGVS assisted the public for safe viewing of the sun with their sale of Solar goggles , start up kits on ToV and most importantly had arranged breakfast for the public. The transit was to be visible here in b'lore from 6.30am to 10.20 am but the thick blanket of clouds seemed to play a spoil sport. But that din't deter people from sticking around to catch a glimpse of the sun atleast and thats when sun started to play Hide-n-Seek with the clouds.Every time the sun came out, however brief the moment was, people went crazy running towards the nearest viewing equipment.. such paramount was the excitement over the hillock in Lal Bagh.

From ToV 2012

The times when the clouds overpowered the mighty sun knowledge was shared about the ToV, astronomy in general, Astrophotography tips from the experts present there to capture and freeze a moment in time. It was overwhelming to see so many like minded people all at one place.

And when I actually saw the venus in front of the sun's disk I was like Oh my God! Did I really just see it? It was a vivid Picture not easily forgotten any time soon and i can imagine the euphoria astrophotographers would have felt capturing this event. The event was possible because of the faith , a glimering hope that organisers had in the weather and also the support of all the BAS members volunteering and helping close to 500 people to see a very rare, a unique event in their lifetime. For the astronomy non enthusiast it was just a black dot on an orange disk but for the enthusiast it was an event of a lifetime. It was an event happening closer to our home and imaginations running wild.. i was imagining if there were life in any other planet they might sometime get to see a ToE .. Transit of Earth.

From ToV 2012

Article By, Swathi Photos by, Keerthi