"An evening with Stars" @ Concorde Silicon Valley , Electronics City ,Bangalore.

By naveenln; Published 05 Mar 2009

Bangalore Astronomical Society as part of its International year of Astronomy 2009 activities has planned for outreach program at Concorde Silicon Valley, Electronics City, Bangalore.

"An evening with Stars" is a specially designed programs to spread across the world of astronomy to appartments and residential areas.

This program basically brief about the night sky, basic observation methods, discussions and then followed by observations thro telescope.

Agenda :
Introduction to night sky
discussion and FAQ.
Observation of Moon, Saturn, Venus.

Instrument :
8 inch newtonian reflector.

Event coordinator : Vivek Y
(Mobile 9916435530, vivekeats@gmail.com )

For any other information or request for "an evening with stars program at your residence contact info@bas.org.in