"An evening with STARS" @ Laughing waters near Whitefield

By naveenln; Published 10 Nov 2008

BAS has organised an outreach event for Laughing waters near Whitefield. http://laughingwaters.pbwiki.com

We will have have plenty of school going kids for this session and the main objective of this outreach is to ceate awareness on Astronomy. Few small observational experiments/project and lots of discussions.

Objects that will be showed* during this observation are.
1. Venus
2. Jupiter and his moons.
3. Our Moon.
4. Some bright stars / clusters

1. Telescope 6 inch equ mount.
2. 10X50 binocular.

Date : 13th Nov 2008.
Time : 6:00 Pm upto 9:00 Pm.

Contact : Naveen L N (9980505003)