Who we are

By admin; Published 13 Oct 2009

People of Common Interest

As a hobby interest club, Most people in and behind BAS are people who share the common passion of Astronomy. We house enthusiasts of various degrees, those with casual or passing interest as well as the seasoned amateur astronomers who take their hobby very seriously.

People of varying demographics

There are a variety of people behind BAS. We have Students and Professionals of various disciplines in all age ranges although we are generally recognized as a "young" organization.
There are people associated with us all over India (and abroad) although local activities are predominantly carried out by members based in Bangalore.

Networked through the Web

Bangalore and local activities apart, BAS recognizes itself as a web-centric organization. People associated with BAS are closely networked by various means - This web portal, Mailing Lists, Social Networks, Twitter and more.