Weekly Meeting Report 29.Sept. 2013

By naveenln; Published 30 Sep 2013

The much awaited BAS meeting took place this evening(29 Sept) at around 5 PM, with a inaugural strength of about 15 people.

The meeting started with Naveen giving a small introduction of BAS and then with informal introduction of all the participants.
Naveen then started an activity by giving us all a few cards having a snippet of information related to Quasars and then asked all the participants to interact and co-relate the info snippets and finally answer some of the questions related to a Quasar.

Where do we find Quasars?
Characteristics of a Quasar.
How do we know Quasars are most distant objects?
How do we know Quasars are small?
The number of Quasars in past and present.
Once all the participants, arranged the cards (see the link https://plus.google.com/photos/106945675156861955000/albums/5929339555231234257?authkey=CKHxgaKknau--wE ), Naveen then proceeded to explain the logical linking between the cards, like how different quasars are from stars, galaxies. How quasars were first identified and finally all the above questions were answered.

The meeting was concluded after Sundar Bharadwaj , Sanath Kumar, Anirudh and others had a small discussion of planning of events related to observation of Comet ISON and other general observational events, like Sidewalk astronomy, star-parties.

The agenda for next week's discussion will be 'Constellations', Please do participate.

Report by Vishwanath S K