Volunteers for Outreach events.

By naveenln; Published 10 Nov 2008

With the upcoming observation session and outreach plans (IYA 2009) such as "Astronomy at Schools" and "An Evening with STARS"

BAS is looking for Volunteers for conducting above events.

Requirements :
1. Good understand of night sky, identification of stars and constellations.
2. Able to handle Telescope.
3. Good understanding of Astronomy, to clarify FAQ during outreach.
4. Able to handle group of 25-30 people / students.

We also look forward for volunteers who would be willing to handle telescopes for bigger outreach events while someone is in discussion.

Outreach events shall usually be on weekends. If held during weekday program starts after 6 pm.

Please register here or send a mail to info@bas.org.in