Venus Transit Workshop ( REPEATED Session)

By naveenln; Published 11 May 2012

The Venus transit, "One in a life time - never miss this opportunity"

we are sure you might have heard this phrase many times and wondered, what that actually meant, how to see and when.

Venus Transit is the event when planet Venus appear to move on the disk of sun. The event will be seen on 06 June 2012. If you miss this, next Venus transit will take place 2117., If you are lucky/healthy you might see it :)

Bangalore Astronomical Society, will be organizing a one day workshop on Venus Transit to help the public and students.

Know about Venus Transit
Safe viewing methods and demo of the working models.
FAQs and discussion.
Display of ideas by participants.

Time : 9:30 am - 4: 30 pm
Date: 27th May 2012 ( REPEATED SESSION of 20.05.2012 )
Venue : Jaaga Audi (

Co-ordinator: Naveen Nanjundappa
for queries: contact email id info[at]

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