Upcoming Lunar Eclipse - Aug 28th 2007 @ Bangalore

By p6; Published 18 Aug 2007

Second lunar eclipse of the year..Although we wont really be getting to see it.

While the eclipse is visible best from the middle of nowhere, The australia and the south american continents will actually get to witness it fairly nicely.

Eclipse Starts : 07:53:39 UT = 13:23:39 IST When moon is still below the horizon and the sun is still right up about 180 degrees above the moon.(Penumbral Phase)
Umbral Phase begins: 08:51:16UT = 14:21:16 IST
Totality Begins: 09:52:22 UT = 15:22:22 IST
Maximum Eclipse: 10:37:22 UT = 16:07:22 IST
End of Totality: 11:22:24UT = 16:52:22 IST
End of Umbral phase: 12:23:30 UT = 17:53:30 IST
End of Penumbral Phase: 13:21:01 UT = 18:51:01 IST

While, the moon rise in B'lore (as according to Cartes Du ciel is 18:35 Hrs!

So all we'll get to see is a fraction of the Penumbral eclipse, in which nothing is noticeable anyway..Considering that subtle discolorations of the moon that're a consequence of the penumbra are anyway masked off by the more usaul moon discolorations to Orange when at that low on the horizion..