Trip to Kaundinya National Park / Palamaner.

By p6; Published 23 Jun 2008

A trip pending, to explore the wilderness of the Palamaner region and the adjacent Kaundinya National Park (an Elephant Sanctuary) in Andhra Pradesh is being planned after a long time, on 28th June, Saturday.

Just 120 km East from here, enroute to Tirupati/Chennai comes this scenic location. Now being the cloudy season, we would club our astro-observations from the trekking aspect too. The night of observing if skies clear out, will be followed by paying a visit to the Sanctuary.


It covers an area of 358-sq-kms. It is a must visit place where tourists will get the opportunity to spend time in the sanctimonious nature where civilization and its traces are absent. Rugged high hills, deep valleys with stream make a picturesque view.

Two streams add life to the jungle, they are Kaigal and Kaundinya. Bird watching, jeep safaris, elephant rides will take the tourists in the interiors from where the tourists can spot the animals in their respective habitats. Kaundinya is also a Bird Sanctuary.


SKY-OBSERVING: The 5th magnitude bright Comet Boattini will also be up visible in the late morning sky. The Summer Milky-Way targets in the stupendous Scorpius-Sagittarius in the South and Cygnus in the North, through the binoculars will be breath-taking!

MOON: Crescent, Rising at 2 am on 29th June.


CONDITIONS: The astronomy observation is *dependant on weather*. We are not responsible for bad skies. The trekking expedition will be however carried on depending on certain factors.

We would carry on our own tents and equipment, and would also arrange transport for you too, since we have a decent number of confirmed people now. Please singup by logging in.


Amar A. Sharma, BAS Observing Cordinator,
9343518916 (from 12 pm to 3 pm only)