Transit of Venus 2012

By keerthi2kiran; Published 31 May 2012

A very different kind of solar eclipse will occur on June 6th, 2012 – the planet Venus will come between us and
the Sun. The event is called the Transit of Venus.

On that day, Venus will move slowly across the Sun's disk in the sky. Venus will will look like a dot (of size 1/30 as big as the sun) and will take 8 hours to cross the sun's surface.

Remember... This will be the last transit of Venus of this century. Next ToV will occur in 2117.

Historicslly, the transit of Venus has been very imporant for astronomers. In 19th century, it helped astronomers for the first time to estimate the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

In modern times, the study of ToV will help the astronomers in searching earth-like planets revolving others stars...

Animation of Venus transit









(The time mention is in GMT. For IST, please add 5:30)


BAS is planning to conduct outreach programs in several places in the city.

The places we are currently planning are

1. Lal Bagh

2. Bangalore University Campus

3. Sanky Tank, Sadashiv Nagar

(Places are subject to change. Please watch this space later)

Please don't miss this event. Attend BAS's outreach program, enjoy the ToV and meet fellow amateur astronomers.