Time for Planet's Ramp Show !

By naveenln; Published 02 Sep 2008

Aren't you very badly looking forward for clear skies ?
This week you will notice 4 naked eye planets on ramp show.
Yes, Planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are visible to naked eye.

If you can find bright star (like) light spot in western horizon, you are watching the ramp show by planets. Every evening just after sunset, four planets are out for your observation. If you can look at them everyday, you will notice the patterns and their locations changing everyday.

Mercury which is about magnitude 0, is very close to bright Venus located low in the west.

Venus which is about magnitude –3.8 (outshine Jupiter in brightness), is visible after sunset, if you look in west horizon about 30 minutes after sundown. Venus will be easy to identify. Fainter Mercury is just to its lower left.

Mars is getting low with magnitude +1.7 but still visible, and is just above Venus. Mars and venus will be close (to see) on September 11th.

Jupiter is high in the sky after sunset, with magnitude –2.6, shines bright. It's above the Sagittarius and if you have a binocular look for deep sky objects nearby.