The Universe--- Beyond the big bang

By arun; Published 12 Dec 2007


            Just finished watching the the series called The Universe in the History channel. It is a 2 hour series that is broadcast every wednesday . At first I was not really interested in seeing this stuff because I felt that History Channel would not be able to produce a high quality documentary when it comes to the Cosmos since it is way out of touch with the other shows they produce. But I was proved wrong this time. It was an amazing 2 hours of entertainig and highly informative viewing. The documentary first started with the calculation of the size of the Earth by Eratosthenes, then moved on to Ptolemy`s version of the Solar system and then came Nicolas Copernicus, Kepler`s laws, Galileo,Newton`s Principia then about Albert Einstein, the Big bang and the Steady State theory and finally finished with the Big rip ( The theory proposed for the end of the Universe ). 

            I have watched a lot of documentaries regarding the Cosmos but none has been so comprehensive. This is even better then the 13 part series called Cosmos which featured the late astronomer Carl Sagan. I have tried reading a lot on the Theory of Relativity but I always seemed to understand it a bit but kept forgetting and started having a lot of doubts after sometime but now I feel better ( There was a great explanation regarding Relativity ). This is quite a big series( not sure how many parts it has ) so you can always tune into the History Channel every wednesday 10 o clock. All those Astronomers and Cosmologists out there please dont miss this series since this will provide you with the answers for all of your small and basic doubts relating to the Cosmos.