The International Year of Astronomy has Dawned!!

By akarshsimha; Published 31 Dec 2008

The IAU and UNESCO have declared this year to be the "International Year of Astronomy" to commemorate Galileo's observation of Jupiter's moons through his telescope. See for details.

The mission of this year, for BAS just as for many other astronomy-related establishments - both amateur and professional, is to popularize astronomy and to take astronomy to as many people as possible, and at every level.

The IAU has also resolved to work on other areas where attention is needed like Light Pollution awareness, Better astronomy education etc. which will prove beneficial for the future of astronomy. BAS will join IAU in this, along with hundreds of astronomy establishments worldwide.

BAS sees a lot of hope for IYA 2009, and is planning to conduct several activities throughout the year to help aid the cause of astronomy at both amateur and research levels.

BAS requires volunteers, and if you are interested, please volunteer by writing to info at bas dot org dot in or use our Contact form at to reach us.