Telescope Making- A Guide

By admin; Published 12 Sep 2009

Telescope Making
M.Sathya Kumar.
i am not going to deal with the history and all.
this bookpage will deal with making a newtinian telescope of 6" aperture, of 48" focal length.
the ray diagram of this type of telescope will be shown later.
for now, the reader may take the below given list for getting the supplies ready.
1) glass disks
a) 6" dia, 19mm thick
b) 6" dia,12mm thick.
2) silicon carbide, in grades 80,120,220,400,600,800,1000.
Note: the above materials are available at
scroll down the page and look out for the section on mirror grinding kits.
it is cheaper than getting it in bangalore.
3) 1.25" i.d rack&pinion focuser for Newtonian telescope (tube OD 7")
4) 1.25" od eyepieces of 25mm & 12mm focal lengths
5 ) 7x25 finder telescope
Note: The focuser and eyepiece are available only at Tejraj&co (Mr.Raju Patel)
Website is
6) old table (must be really strong) with a wterproof,plywood top, or a 5gallon water/oil drum with a 20x20
water proof plywood top
7) 7" dia borewell pipe of 50" length.
8) 6ftx4ft Water proof plywood of 19mm thicknesss.
keep the above mentioned ready(Tejraj typically takes 15days to deliver once he gets your payment by DD)
Will write more within next ten days......
"The satisfaction of viewing the sky Thru a self made telescope is a million times more than that recieved by looking at the stars with a ready made/assembled one......." - Sathya