Star Party @ Hampi!

By p6; Published 01 Dec 2007

Update: Signups are now officially closed. However, if you are interested, you can care to ping us using our contact form as to enquire on any potential vacancies. You will be promptly waitlisted until (if at all) something positive comes forth.

The Bangalore Astronomical Society will be organizing a star party under the exotic skies and environment of Hampi on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December, 2007.

Hampi is a 15th-century Vijayanagara-era city now amidst wonderful rocky landscapes and temple-ruins. Hampi is in all, about 300KM from Bangalore in the district of Bellary, While the closest Railway station is Hospet. Hampi is a UNESCO - World-Heritage site.

Our tentative schedule would be to make the departure from Bangalore to Hampi on the evening of Friday the 7th of December and reach our destination by the morning of Saturday, the 8th. The agenda by the day on 8th would include surveying around Hampi while the star party would begin by nightfall. Sunday, the 9th would be another field-day looking around Hampi before we start the journey back home by late afternoon. The final proposition would be that we reach Bangalore by nightfall.

Food, accomodation, Transport issues, Per Head Costs shall be sorted out as a function of the number of entrants/participants. All potential participants are hereforth requested to Sign-Up for this event as soon as they can. Families & Children are welcome. BAS however, shall not be responsible for any individual-caretaking of logistics, individual-caretaking, sky conditions, loss / damage of any property in the context of this trip. All these, shall be worked out purely on a voluntary-involvement basis. Please also note that all entrants will be required to provide Identity-Proof, Contact-Details and a lump-sum advance for all logistics-arrangements.

Signups shall be open until the 1st of December, 2007. All potential entrants are also requested to provide as much data about their involvement as possible. This could involve details about multiple-participants from one party, equipment (Telescopes, Binoculars), Transport (Request for arrangement or inform us of your own), Other misc logistics (Accomodation, Food)

Updates regarding equipment and the participant-count shall be posted on our google group and our forums. Please watch both these spaces for updates. You can contact us for any enquiries whatsoever.

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