Star Party: Milkyway Voyage @ ARIES, Nainital.

By p6; Published 29 Jan 2008

The ARIES Campus at Nainital will play host to what will possibly be India's biggest ever amateur-astronomy gathering, on the nights of 7th and 8th March 2008. The event titled 'Milky Way Voyage - 2008' is being organized by Ajay Talwar and Nilesh Vayada.

While the event is likely to spark some social interaction amongst the lot of Indian amateur astronomers gathered there, The other primary emphasis is likely to be on the stunning skies Nainital harbours. Being held at just about that time of the year, this star party is also likely to provide an arena for Messier Marathons, Astrophotography endeavors and much more.

We request keen participation from all Bangaloreans on this event. Please note that BAS or it's members' involvement in this event is only participatory, so far as the star party goes. While we encourage you to make your own arrangements for the conveyance to the destination, accommodation and other logistics, Those who are constrained or unable to do so may contact Mr. Chandrashekhar of Summiters Outdoors Pvt Limited to have arrangements done for them. You are requested to indicate your preferences in the signup form below to help us keep track of the statistics.

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