Some Comet news - 2007 end.

By amar_universe; Published 11 Oct 2007

Here are some updates from my side (hoping everything is fine!)

1) As of now, the currently brightest comet in the sky is the non-periodic C/2007 F1 LONEOS (perihelion 28 Oct) which is presently shining at 6th mag!!! It is visible to amateurs in Northern latitudes close to the horizon.

It's going to be visible for the Southerners too, as it emerges at 4-6 mag and starts fading early Nov afterwards. I personally dont think it would be visible to us easily (in Bangalore). I would try to find out more about it's visibility and update here. Yet once again..a wonderful opportunity missed. :-(

2) There's another one, a periodic this time, 8/P Tuttle (perihelion 27 Jan 2008) which is expected to reach similar brightness (~6th mag) sometime in Jan 2008. Now it is pretty faint and located close to Pole Star, in the Northern circumpolar region (region close to Polaris which never sets) and will stay there in Ursa Minor for long until early December as it keeps brightening. Then onwards till February end, it will drift southward through Cepheus, Cassiopeia, pass close to Andromeda Galaxy and M74, then to Cetus, Eridanus and Horologium regions.

This should be the target in the months to come to capture, infact we at BAS should also be able to image this, as our member Mr. Venkatesh's entire  imaging equipment will surely be setup by then. We hope to be able to carry on prolonged observations on this periodic comet. for more updates and finder charts.

Thankfully, this non-visibility factor (closeness to Sun) of F1 LONEOS will be compensated with the good visibility of 8P! :-)