Report - Outreach Event @ Concorde Silicon Valley ,Electronics City ,Bangalore

By vivek; Published 09 Mar 2009

The Bangalore Astronomical Society organized an outreach event on the 7th of March 2009, at Concorde Silicon Valley - Electronics City , Bangalore. The event was attended by around 120 people .The event was conducted as part of The Bangalore Astronomical society's IYA activities under the name " An Evening with the Stars".

The event began with an introduction to the International Year of Astronomy and the goals of IYA . Many people were also briefed on the telescope that was in use ( An 8” Newtonian Reflector) . This was followed by a long Observation session where people primarily viewed the moon; through the telescope and also through a 10 X 50 binoculars .
Both the young and the old were amazed to see the numerous craters on the moon , many even recognized minor details on the moon. However the real show stealer had to be Saturn . The magnificent planet with its rings was the superstar of the evening .Every one who viewed the planet was amazed , a few people even remained speechless for a while - including me . Apart from these , some people viewed the Orion nebula and the trapezium cluster at it's centre . To my surprise a few could even pinpoint the exact location of M42 in the sky !. The event concluded at around 10.30 pm after a question and answer session . The children seemed to reconnect with their favourite Chanda mama and walked home content with their IYA goodies. \t

Overall the event received a very good response , BAS would like to thank to all the residents of Silicon valley for their active participation in the event. A special Thank you to , Miss Vaidehi ,Miss Vaishnavi and to Mrs. & Mr.. Ashok Murthy for helping us in making this a memorable event . We hope all participants enjoyed the event as much as we at BAS enjoyed it in conducting it for them.

Here is the link to the Photos :