REPORT: Outreach @ Parikrama School,Jayanagar

By admin; Published 25 Oct 2010

This event was a part of BAS's public education and outreach programme.The event was held on the 31st of January 2010 at the Parikrama School,Jayanagar.

The first thing we noticed about the students at the Parikrama school are they are all unexpectedly brilliant, in fact they are probably better thinkers than many of us , when we were at that age .

The outreach event  began at around 7.30 pm with a very unusual Questions session , it was only later that we got to explain to them about the night sky and about the various scientific phenomena associated with it.It would be rather  unfair,i think ,  if i do not stress on the inquisitiveness of the children , the type of questions they ask and the very way they think have in fact surprised both me and Gautham.

During the session we covered  the red planet -  Mars, the moon , the Pleiades cluster and the Orion nebula . All of which was showcased through the BAS 6" telescope and needless to say the kids enjoyed it.

 It would be nice to have another interaction with them some time .

Event Coordinator: Vivek Y K
Volunteer: Gautham G A