Probable Observing Session

By amar_universe; Published 07 Oct 2007

There would be an observing session on 13th Oct at Hosahalli depending on the weather situation and number of attendees. Equipment also depends on the members' availability.

Observing would include galaxies in the morning Southern galaxy regions, nebulae, open and globular clusters in the Milky-Way regions throughout the night, and other random meteors and artificial satellites. Andromeda galaxy (M31) would be the highlight, even with naked-eyes and small binoculars. The Northern winter Milky-Way, with the thousands of stars, will offer a splendid sight to the naked eye!

Beginner sky-gazers would be taught the basics of identifying contellations and other celestial objects using telescopes (if available) and binoculars.

Transport to be managed on your own. We are not responsible in case of bad weather.