Popularise astronomy at School

By naveenln; Published 26 Sep 2007

Hi All,

 I am planning to prepare a list of topics and its contents which can help us at BAS to get prepared for any outreach events to school.

Currently my plan is to focus on age group between 10 to 16, Later the same will be planned for 6-10 years age group, then 16-18 years and to general public.

 Basically what I expect from the from you is

1. Collect the information on the topic ( either listed below or any other topic you think is suitable for a given age group)

2. prepare a document ( .ppt / .doc / .pdf/ .txt ) with the points that must be covered as part of the presentation to students. With a list of optional information ( to be covered if time permits)

3. Plan for a one hour session. (if its not possible, then plan for a appropriate break )

4. Include about 30% to 40 % activities during learning. may be experiments, do and learn steps. etc etc.

5. If there is a request from a school, you can also present the topic if required, to students :) 

Topics I have are,

1. Solar system

2. Earth Moon System

3. Phases

4. Moons of solarsystem

5. Comets and asteriods

6. Night Sky

7. Eclipse

8. Constellations

9. Measurements ( distances, from electron to universe )

10 galaxy

feel free to remove some topic and suggest new one, provided you think its suitable for the age group 10-16 years

next 3-4 months I wish to have atleast 10 topics ready for BAS to use at school outreach.

Your time, support and inputs are valuable to us. Thanks