Places to buy telescopes

By akarshsimha; Published 21 Dec 2013

DISCLAIMER: BAS has absolutely no affiliations with any of these dealers unless explicitly stated. Any opinions here are members' opinions and are here for information purposes only. BAS has no undisclosed interests in any of these dealers. BAS does not warrant the trustworthiness or reliability of any of these dealers. Also, this list of dealers is not exhaustive and does not intend to be exhaustive either.

In Bangalore:

  1. Neehaarika Center for Astronomy Education is an authorized dealer for Celestron telescopes.

    See and for more information

  2. Mr. Dilip Kumar, is an experienced telescope maker resident in Double Road makes telescopes on request. Please write to us at info at bas dot org dot in for contact details.

  3. Mr. Subramani, propreitor of Sky Telescopes, is a telescope maker residing in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Please write to us or visit the Bangalore planetarium for details.


  1. C-Sky Telescopes, Bombay is a Skywatcher dealer in Bombay. See for more information.

  2. Tejraj and Company, Bombay is a well known optics dealer for amateur astronomers throughout India. He ships all through India. See for details.

  3. Aperture Telescopes is a dealer of large aperture Dobsonian telescopes. See for details.