Outreach @ Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore

By admin; Published 05 Nov 2009

The Bangalore Astronomical Society organised a small Outreach session on the 4th of November 2009 for the staff and resident students of The Indian Statistical Institute here in Bangalore.

Although the plan was to have a sky-watch programme along with an informal talk about the evening sky, due to Bad weather conditions we moved indoors. A small group of about 50 people from the institute gathered at their Auditorium. BAS members Amar Sharma and Vivek Yerkadithaya were coordinating the event.

A presentation on the Night sky and methods of exploring the sky using softwares such as Stellarium was given.This was followed by a description on the working of various telescopes. We wrapped up the session with a Q & A session which extended for over 1 hour after the main programme !! All in all the programme was a success.We only hoped that the sky would clear but it never did. Probably I'd go to the Institute some day when the sky is clear , to showcase the marvels of our Universe through the telescope.

We hope the students at the Institute enjoyed it.

BAS Volunteers :- Amar sharma, Aparna V, Kshama Z. Vivek Y K