Orionid Meteors observing session

By amar_universe; Published 14 Oct 2007

There would be an observing session inspite of the bright Half Moon being up and setting after midnight. This is in compensation to the New Moon Observing session missed in the month of October on 13th, inspite of the amazing clear skies! And moreover the beautiful Orionids are peaking on this date...

LOCATION : Govt. High School; Hosahalli, 70 km North of Bangalore City.

EQUIPMENT : Akarsh's 8" f/8 Equatorial scope, 10x50 Olympus binocular.

MOON PHASE : 55%, Half.
Rise : 1:30 pm (Saturday 20th); Set : 1:20 am (Sunday 21st)


1) Until the bright Moon sets, there would be detailed Lunar Observations acompanied with Lunar sketching.

2) After Moon set would be the regular deep-sky observations with the telescope; galaxies in the midnight Southern galaxy regions, various scattered nebulae, open and globular clusters in the Milky-Way regions throughout the night, double stars, random satellites. The beautiful Winter Milky-Way, Andromeda galaxy (M31), Pleiades (M45) will offer a splendid sight.

3) Planets would include Jupiter in the evening, Uranus and Neptune at night, Mars after midnight and Venus and Saturn early morning. Mars coming closer to Earth once again would be the highlight.

4) General deep-sky astro-sketching would be on the agenda.


1) Seems like we'll be missing out the bright 6th mag C/2007 F1 (LONEOS), as it is very close to the horizon. But there is another newly discovered comet, C/2007 T1 (McNaught), in the evening western sky in visible range (faint at 10-11th mag) in amateur scopes. It's view might be hampered by the bright Moon light just 40 degrees away, but worth a try.

2) Last year Orionid meteor showers were in an 'outburst' of activity, and this year they are back again peaking on 21st Oct. Last year we could observe atleast 100 bright meteors in half the time at night!! Hope them to be good this year too. THIS is the highlight of the entire observing session!

NOTE : This trip is confirmed, hoping good weather condition. We are not responsible for bad weather. Transport to be managed on your own. Do get your own equipment and other resources, sufficient winter wear and eatables for the night.

CONTACT: Amar A. Sharma, BAS Observing Cordinator

amar_universe@yahoo.com / 9343518916 (after 8 pm)