Observing session - Hosahalli - 22nd June

By amar_universe; Published 08 Jun 2009

BAS has planned its next observing session, due after a long time, to it's regular observing site - Hosahalli, 70 km North Bangalore.


This session is ON the June New Moon period date. Check the Moon Phase here:


Agenda would be to observe the large gathering of globulars, open clusters and galaxies, with an assortation of other fascinating deep-sky objects throughout the night.

The highlight of this month is the visibility of exactly all the planets. Mars and Venus conjunction (2-degrees), with the Crescent Moon form a nice photo opportunity at dawn. Neptune and Jupiter form a closer conjunction (less than 1-degree) on this date. Pluto is comfortably placed for large apertures. Uranus and Saturn are also well visible, but the rising Mercury just grazes the horizon.

The equipment would be Hosahalli Govt High School's 8" f/8 equatorial telescope. Your own equipment is also welcome. We also plan to do some astro-photography and astro-sketching.

Since this is the monsoon season, we can only hope the skies are clear. (Many times luck even runs good when under the cloudiest of skies) ;)

Those willing to join in will have to manage their own transport. Car-pooling is always welcome during observing sessions, and we will share the fuel cost.

Leaving a comment here is the only way for us to count members.

Amar A. Sharma
BAS Observing Cordinator