Observe the wonders that Galileo observed 400 years ago.

By admin; Published 25 Oct 2009

A Sky-Watch program for public by Indian Institute of Astrophysics and Bangalore Astronomical Society

Venue : Lalbagh Hillock, KH Road.
Date : 23rd and 24th Oct 2009
Time : 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
BAS Event Co-ordinator : Naveen Nanjundappa / Vivek Y / Amar Sharma

Following the unprecedented success of IYA2009's 100 Hours of Astronomy, another series of events is being planned for 22-24 October 2009. This new IYA2009 Cornerstone Project is called Galilean Nights and will see amateur and professional astronomers around the globe taking to the streets and pointing their telescopes to the wonders that Galileo observed 400 years ago. The focus of the project is sidewalk observations of the gas giant Jupiter and its moons, as well as allowing members of the public to observe the Sun, our own Moon and many more celestial marvels.