Observation session - An evening with stars.

By naveenln; Published 17 Oct 2012

Dear All,

Looking at today's weather, as part of BAS observation sessions, I plan to conduct an observation session at my residence ( Hebbal Kempapura / Bangalore North )

If the skies continue to be good, we can meeting around 8pm and continue our observation till 10:30pm
Equipment are 3 telescopes, 1 binocular
Discovery 17.5 inch Dob telescope
Celestron 6 inch computerized telescope
Celestron 6 inch & 5 inch OTA on Manual EQ mount
Celestron 10X50 binocular
I can be reached on 9980505003 ( I shall not pick the call / answer if I'm in meeting, so sms/email me your name, email id and message)
Email id: naveen.nanjundappa@gmail.com or info@bas.org.in

Venue: Hebbal Kempapura/Bangalore North. Address shall me messaged or email to you personally, if you are interested in joining.
Agenda: Open clusters, Globular Culsters, Galaxies, binary stars, nebulae, and Planet Jupiter observation.
Time: 8:00pm - 10:30pm
Date: 17.Oct. 2012

All are welcome. Look forward for such announcements in future as we are close to start of the observation season.