New naked-eye comet: 17/P Holmes.

By akarshsimha; Published 04 Nov 2007

This one is a fairy tale for sure. Comet 17/P Holmes which passed perihelion in early May has suddenly brightened up dramatically. Reports of Observation have been flowing in from places worldwide and this is one comet that has really managed to rummage out enthusiasm-galore out of even a non-fanatic Comet enthusiast.

Some observation reports have placed, predicted the Comet at 1st Magnitude. The comet is currently in Perseus and has a star like appearance to the naked eye and with most telescopes unless at high power, when the coma becomes more aparrent. Care to resort to Cartes Du Ciel to make a finder chart for yourself.

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The skies have been cloudy at Bangalore and personally, none of us have had success as yet. Akarsh Simha however, has managed to sight this comet from the campus of IITM, Chennai. We however, hope to get lucky tonight and wish that the hunter's moon will keep the clouds at bay! Please check back on our Google group and the site for updations, success reports if any.