Minutes from "Administrative Meeting" on 06/22/2008 - 13:00

By akarshsimha; Published 24 Jun 2008

Attendees: Almost all council members, and a lot of other members attended this meeting.

This meeting saw two new members - Pravin and Shyam. We had an introduction session, everyone introducing themselves to the gathering.

This was followed with a discussion about the plans for the trip to Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, with Amar Sharma explaining the purpose of the programme. We gathered a good number of suggestions for potential observing locations from the group. A lot of people confirmed their participation in the event.

This was followed by a discussion about selling our astrophotos, and various intricacies involved in executing such plans.

Hemant suggested a potential programming project to facilitate Quasar variability data analysis, explaining the present scenario in the field and the requirement of distributed computing. A decision has been taken to host a subversion repository for projects.

Hemant then discussed his plan of undertaking a radio astronomy project.

Naveen discussed plans for conducting outreach events during the International Year of Astronomy, 2009. He also displayed an Astronomy Kit produced by Vignan Prasar. Shyam added some points as well.

Pavan and Naveen discussed the possibility of providing event notifications via Twitter. Pavan also suggested that BAS buy a CC Avenue payment gateway.

Pavan and Akarsh put forth the requirements to refurbish two telescopes that are to be donated to BAS as BAS-owned equipment.

Pravin and Deepak consented to become coordinators for BAS and aid in the planning / administration of BAS, and were welcomed by the councillors.