Messier Marathon 2007

By p6; Published 07 Mar 2007

THEME : Messier Marathon is an international event wherein observers from throughout the world attempt to observe all the 110 Messiers in one night..this requires Herculean patience, skill, knowledge of the night sky and it's objects, and managing time well. Observing *all* 110 M objects in one night is achieved by just a handful of experienced people, as some objects are too low during the twilight skies. This year on March 17th few observers from BAS are attempting the MM-2007 with their various equipments. LOCATION : Hosahalli, 70 km North of Bangalore off Dodballapur. DATES : 1) 17th March - group Marathon 2) 19 or 20th March - Amar, the sky observation co-ordinator goes again for Marathon but with a different and smaller scope this time!! A Double Marathon!!! TIME: It's an overnight event starting right from sunset until sunrise the next day...that is from 6 pm to 6 am! The event is a 12-hr event!! NO. OF TELESCOPES: 3 as of now 1) Hemanth's 12" f/4.5 dobsonian telescope 2) Akarsh's 8" f/8 equatorial telescope 3) Hemanth's 6" tracking telescope NO. OF PARTICPIANTS: 3 as of now DETAILS OF TELESCOPES AND PARTICIPANTS: 1) Amar A. Sharma - will use the 12" telescope 2) Akarsh Simha - will use his 8" telescope 3) Pavan Keshavamurthy - will use the 6" telescope Amar and Akarsh who have done most of their Messiers in the past, this time will attempt to go between 90-100 objects at minimum!! Pavan, who's doing all his Messiers for the first time will attempt for atleast 60 objects. OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Anyone else who is NOT a member of BAS and is still very interested and eager to join us in this event and participate can do so...This event is open for all but you need to have the following requisites: 1) Primarily, you need some equipment of your own, say a telescope or a binocular of *any* aperture. 2) Secondly you need to have some know-how of the sky and should have some prior experience in sky-watching, mainly the Messiers. We'll though assist you there. If you have watched the Messiers before then you're eligible and welcome to join us on behalf of BAS! 3) Desire to participate in this this event requires immense patience and time, and is an overnight event, you need to understand the realities of sky-observing and be prepared for the challenge. Let's make MM-2007 from BAS a very good success..hope for the best!!