Mega Merger of 4 galaxies

By Shweta; Published 13 Aug 2007

Recently on 6 Aug 07, NASA found 4 gigantic galaxies being colliding into one another in one of the biggest cosmic collisions ever seen. It is expected that after collision all 4 galaxies together will form a big galaxy that will be 10 times more massive than our galaxy Milky way. In this spectacular view of collisioning billions of stars flung out and abandoned in the ongoing clash but About half of the stars in the plume will later fall back into the galaxies.

NASA used Chandra -x-ray telescope & Infra red Spitzer Space Telescope to view  this
merger of 4 elliptical galaxies in the cluster CL0958+4702, located nearly five billion light-years from Earth.

For more details plz go through link 

or  NASA site.

Can any one plz tell me the exact location where i can find  cluster CL0958+4702 so that at least i could have small glimpses of visible light of this mega merger ....... :-(