Mark 13th Aug 07 for Great Perseids

By Shweta; Published 24 Jul 2007

Hi All!!

I just have come to know about another spectacular event going to be happen on 12th & 13 th of August .

Plz mark your calender dates for this as in the whole night of 12 th August 07 we are going to watch Great Perseids

since it will be a new moon day so no moon light & As the night unfolds, Perseus climbs higher and the meteor rate

will increase many-fold. Also there is 1 more thing to watch Mars in Taurus.

For more info plz follow this link of nasa

I don't know in India what will be the exact position of perseus in sky but in western countries scientists will look at eastern sky.

I request senior astronomers of bas to plz plan for an open sky tour for that as it will be a sunday night.!!!!