Lunar Eclipse Observation and Discussion Session - 15th June 2011

By admin; Published 02 Aug 2011

The Bangalore Astronomical Society in association with the B V Jagdeesh Science Centre, Bangalore will be  conducting an Observation & Discussion session on Lunar Eclipse on the 15th of July 2011. The Event is open for all and will be held at the campus of the National College,Jayanagar,Bangalore. BAS will be bringing  3 of its telescopes (i.e the 17.5" , the 6" and a 4" telescope). Details of the Schedule are as under.

Program Time schedule

Start - 6:00 pm (15th June)

End  - 3:30 am (16th June )

The Programme:

1. Telescopes for observations of night sky

2. Talk about Eclipses - Science & myths involved -Q & A's

3. Observation of the Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipse Time-Line:

15th June:


22.54: Penumbra eclipse starts

23.52: Partial eclipse starts

16th June:


00.52: Total eclipse starts

01.42: Mid eclipse

02.32: Total Eclipse ends

03.32: Partial Eclipse ends

04.30: Penumbral eclipse ends

We invite you to the event and encourage you to bring your friends and family as well.

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