Linux - My Inspiration!

By akarshsimha; Published 04 May 2007

For those who have never heard about the all famous "Linux", it is a FREE Operating System, just like Microsoft Windows, but in my opinion, far far better and more flexible.

One of the interesting features of Linux is that it comes bundled with a lot of software. Since software is free, you don't get to waste money on some proprietory software that need to be installed on your system. Just as I sampled some very interesting applications bundled with Red Hat Linux 7.2, I came across one "KStars" (

I was much enthused by the fact that it could simulate the night sky! I was astonished! Somehow, I fell in love with the nice names "Beehive Cluster" and all that. I never knew that some day I'd actually get to see these objects! After this, I used to go to the terrace and locate various stars. Very soon, I was able to locate several bright stars.

Linux kind of inspired me into astronomy!

This is just something I wanted to share.

(PS: Linux is my other obsession, other than astronomy!)