Leonid Meteor Shower - November 2009

By naveenln; Published 17 Nov 2009

with more than 80 photos taken, one of the frame captured the Leonid
meteor ! At last, one successful observation of Leonid meter recorded
from Bangalore.

Leonid Meteor Shower was expected to be good this year, due to
1. new moon period ( darker skies )
2. estimated 200-500 meteors / hr from NASA for Indian observers
3. peak time favoring Indian observers.

but the show was spoiled by the clouds all over Bangalore and South India.

I was trying to coordinate with various enthusiast in and out of Bangalore till 12:00 midnight 17 Nov 09. to find if we have any chances of clear skies. unfortunately none of the places were clear, Bangalore, kolar, Bangarpet, gauribidnur, Tumkur and many more places were reviewed for observations.Finally settled for Bangalore based observation and photography in spite of clouds.

and One successful observation and photograph of Leonid meter recorded
from Bangalore.