Inviting Articles for the Newsletter

By vivek; Published 20 Jan 2011

he Official Newsletter of the Bangalore Astronomical society - Star trails- is preparing for it next release in the month of February 2011 .

We believe that writing is a good practice to learn things effectively Here's a chance to submit your articles for the second issue of newsletter.

The Newsletter aims to cover:-
News reports/ Updates on the happenings in the astronomy world, related to
BAS mainly.
1) In sync with BAS objective to *popularize astronomy*, both as a science &
a hobby.
2) Encourage newbies or first time star party attendees to narrate
their *experience
in a star party*, the objects they observed, the things they learnt etc.
3) Spread *knowledge on new **happenings* in astronomy world, there are many
things like exoplanets & gravitational wave detectors etc
4) Write *review* of books, telescopes or binoculars purchased, so that the
others with same interests would be benefited by the same.
5) *Astrophotography experience* or telescope making technique, *lessons
learnt* in practical aspect of an experiment etc relevant to the domain of

Some things to note :
1) You can send articles, preferably in MS word format *ONLY to me*(, *NOT* to BAS mailing list,

2) We reserve the right to choose & modify the posts sent by you.

3) Since the article would be attributed with the name of author, hence it
should be *original, &* *NOT copy-paste of internet stuff*. Mention the
source of the image if any used. May be you can collate the information
read on various sites & make a post in your own words.

4) Go Green ! the newsletter would be mailed as Star Trails-e-copy,Feb
2011.pdf. Hard copy would be mailed on request.

5) The last date for sending articles is 20th Feb. Please feel free to
contact us for anything (myself - OR

I would be expecting articles essentially on - sky observation report of the
recent Coorg star party where many newbies attended & a recollection of
experiences of volunteering at Kalpaneya Yatre @ JNP

Furthermore, apart from this topic, We encourage you to make a personal blog
where you can post your own articles relevant to astronomy, this can be
shared among your friends or community. Blogspot & Wordpress are popular
blogging platforms where you can easily get started.

*Lets share the pleasure & excitement of ASTRONOMY ! *

Star Trails Coordinator: Sunil Gobbanavar