International Year of Astronomy - First Outreach Event.

By naveenln; Published 22 Jan 2009

Bangalore Astronomy Society Organised its first outreach event for IYA2009 at Lakshmisagara village in Tarikere taluk, Karnakata.

Astronomy for All

With lots of entho the farmers of Lakshmisagara assembled in the ground to peep through the telescope.

Objects that will be showed* during this observation are.

1. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.

2. Our Moon.

3. Some bright stars / clusters and constellations.

4. Andromeda Galaxy.


1. Telescope 5.5 inch equ mount.

2. 10X50 binocular.

IYA Objectives like "She is an Astronomer", "Astronomy for All" and "Young Astronomers" were also addressed and interest was created in students and farmers.

She is an Astronomer

Young Astronomers

Infact I was surprised to know that Farmers used the Position of Sirius and Belt of Orion to find the time during winter !

Students made their own instruments to find the angle of the stars, they learnt about the co-ordinate system and histroy of Astronomy and telescopes.

She is an Astronomer

Date : 1st and 2nd Jan 2008.

Time : 6:00 Pm upto 10:00 Pm.

Event Co-ordinator : Naveen Nanjundappa