Interactive Presentation @ The Valley School

By akarshsimha; Published 15 Jun 2007

The Bangalore Astronomical Society, in conjunction with The Valley School, presented an interactive session on aspects of Amateur Astronomy. Approximately 50 students from classes XI and XII of the Valley School were present. The talk focussed on enthusing the students about astronomy through an interactive session followed by a presentation on what Amateur Astronomers do and how they could also participate in amateur astronomy, both as a hobby and as a learning experience. Hemant and Akarsh were the speakers, assisted by Amar and Dr. Balaji.

The first 45 minutes were spent on a slideshow of randomly selected celestial objects representing different types, such as open clusters, nebulae, comets and galaxies (Available here. PDF Version here). The students then put forth all their queries regarding astronomy and these were promptly answered to the best of our knowledge. The images were discussed in detail. The session was aimed at arousing interest in the subject matter of astronomy in general, by stimulating thinking.

The next 45 minutes were spent on a brief talk about Amateur Astronomy, covering aspects such as what it meant, what are the activities, and how they could participate in amateur astronomy. The students were suggested some experiments and observations to try. The presentation is available here. (PDF Version here)

The BAS wishes to thank The Valley School for providing an opportunity to carry astronomy to students and wishes that the collaboration continue.