In memory of Prof. G.T. Narayana Rao - scientific writer and music critic

By naveenln; Published 28 Jun 2008

One of the shocking news I heard yesterday was "Prof. G.T. Narayana Rao is no more"

Prof. G.T. Narayana Rao a very famous science writer and music critic has always been my inspiration to read scientific books and articles written in Kannada language. His expressive hold on the language and subject with wisdom, humor and a great deal of science takes the reader to another world.

Even at the age of 82 he was very active with his activities, discussions with his students, fellow men on astronomy, science and music. There is no doubt why he has inspired many people.

He had interacted with Nobel laureates like Sir C.V. Raman in Bangalore and astro-physicist S. Chandrashekar in Chicago. He has authored biographies of famous scientists.

Karnataka State Open University awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree.

Prof GTN passed away yesterday morning, due to brain haemorrhage. As per his last wish, GTN's body has been donated to JSS Hospital for research purposes.

More Information on the glimpse of Prof GTN's life,

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His book titled "Supernova" is one of my favourite.