IRC Meeting for sidewalk astronomy program.

By naveenln; Published 01 Oct 2009

We plan to have a meeting ( Online ) today after 7 pm

so please make yourself free, or contact me on 9980505003 for more information.
you can add me on gtalk "" so that you can reach me faster.

Agenda : Finalize the list of places, dates, Activities and schedule.

Steps to join the meeting today @ 7 PM

a) You need an IRC client:

Linux: Konversation, Pidgin, et al will do.
Windows: Pidgin for Windows will do.

OS Agnostic: Chatzilla (Plugin for Firefox) -

Web Based:

You will be automatically assigned or prompted to choose a nick (Don't bother
about this)

b) You need connection Details

Channel: #b-a-s

Command: (This is a one step copy-paste command on most IRC clients once on
the server. If this doesn't work, go step wise with details mentioned above): /join #b-a-s

That's all.