By admin; Published 03 Nov 2009

Social Roots
At first, There was a community on the popular Social networking site Orkut. BAS traces it's origins to this community. In it's initial days, the community saw a voracious lot of signups and was instrumental in the roadmap to BAS budding as an organization. Many of the first members of BAS were people who had common circles with each other but were disconnected or unknown personally, reunited in the enthusiasm of a new hobby network. The community itself, although virtually defunct as of now continues to have more than 500 members and sees occasional activity.

Initial Days
Members of the community first met up formally on the 22nd of July, 2006 at Cubbon Park. The initial days of the new hobby network saw meetups almost every weekend along with observing sessions atleast twice a month, despite the rainy weather of the monsoons. With time, the group size increased steadily and a resolve to constitute a formal organization ensued.

Ever since these days, Cubbon Park (the greenery in the posterior vicinity of the shEshadri Iyer library building) has come to be the venue of most of our meetings. July 22nd is also regarded as the official birthday.

Informal network to Registered Organization
On October 16th 2006, BAS held a formal meeting to constitute a working board and register itself a formal organization. The first council of BAS was constituted by Pavan Keshavamurthy, Hemant Hariyani, Amar Sharma, Naveen Nanjundappa, Sathya Kumar, Harshad Joglekar, Atul B V, Rakesh Nath, Abhay Nayak, Vinay P R and Vasudeva K A.