Hello Newcomers!

By amar_universe; Published 29 Mar 2008

A sincere hearty welcome to all new entrants to BAS from all of us! It's great to see how BAS has reached out to several astro-freaks especially by the Sunday TOI article, and got them together under one roof. There have been several common questions by members regarding telescopes, activites, meets and other BAS activities. We hope to get all of them resolved.

Now that we have entered the monsoons (this year was bad...with only 2 clear months!) observations would evidently go down, but not for long. We would have to also concentrate on other aspects like resource-building, meetings for forming agendas, outreach sessions at various places and lots more.

In the coming month we surely would have a big meeting scheduled at our regular venue Cubbon Park. This is where we would invite all the newcomers and oldies alike. All our BAS meets are for you to get as many of your friends or anyone interested along (no restrictions whatsoever!). We together can try to resolve everyones questions/issues. We would really like to unite in these meets with a dedicated commitment of carrying forward BAS activities for the time to come. We BAS'ians are sure active astro-aficionados, and soon the disease would pass on to you too!! ;)

Some of us have (and will be getting) some amazing range equipment for observations in the upcoming season, which you would remember forever! We Bangaloreans are also Blessed with some exotic Southern skies harboring brilliant clusters and nebulae at this latitude! We would also be out to various schools and institutions imparting astronomy awareness to all. Please do take part in everything we do, afterall BAS is 'yours'!! Do continue this thread to make sure you have read this, and have some things to share.

Thanking You,
Amar A. Sharma
BAS Sky Observing Cordinator