Guest Talk: Astro-Photography with a DSLR Camera and Tripod - 2013 May

By naveenln; Published 20 May 2013

Guest talk – Report

Title\t\t: Astro-Photography with a DSLR Camera and Tripod
Speaker\t\t: Mr.Ajay Talwar
Date\t\t: 20th May 2013
Venue\t\t: JN Planetarium, Bengaluru.

Bangalore Astronomical Society, organised a guest talk and discussion session with Mr. Ajay Talwar, Amateur Astrophotographer.
We decided that rather than have a conventional presentation on Astrophotography, it would be good to have an informal discussion session. Keerthi Kiran moderated the discussion by collecting and organising the questions.
Ajay spent some time explaining some of the photos he took at Lalbagh. He explained the setup, the timing, thoughts before capturing the image. Short videos of time lapsed images made the session interesting. Ajay also openly shared the mistakes in each photos and the sources of mistakes that gave a good learning for all participants.
Time just passed by as Ajay, scanned through his images and his experiences in setting the frame, the equipment, tools and software he used to. More than 20 questions from various BAS members were patiently explained by Ajay.
The program concluded after 2 hours of discussion. We would like to thank Mr.Ajay Talwar, for taking his personal time off and sharing his skills with BAS members. Thanks for Excellent job by our volunteers for successfully executed this event. We also thank JN Planetarium Bengaluru, for being associated with BAS and providing the space & support for hosting this discussion.

List of Volunteers:
Keerthi Kiran. Kiran Kumar Tikare. M.Sathya Kumar Sharma. Aditya Ravi. Sanath Kumar. Naveen Nanjundappa

Download the pdf version of this report with photos below.

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