Group Messier Marathon - Practice session 1

By amar_universe; Published 15 Feb 2009

This is one of the 2 mock-up sessions for the MM-2009 that BAS is conducting (see the Calendar section). We have prepared an order of Messier objects to be hunted right from dusk to dawn. Techniques on finding Messiers will be taught with a 8" telescope and 10x50 binoculars.

There are 26 open clusters, objects which can be easily mastered, even through a pair of binoculars. Many of the 29 globular clusters can also be seen with binoculars. Nearly all of the 40 galaxies will require a telescope. The remaining 15 objects are assorted, requiring telescopes, binoculars or even naked-eyes. We plan to cover as many objects as possible.

Those participating in the MM-2009 on 28th March, are requested to join in for this practice session on 28th February, and another one on 21st March. You are most welcome to help us and yourself, by getting your own equipments.

Location : Hosahalli, 70 km North of Bangalore

Equipments : Govt School's 8" f/8 reflector, and binoculars possessed by members.

Contact -

Amar A. Sharma

BAS Observing Cordinator

080-26584097 (preferably 9-11 pm daily)