Galilean Nights Bangalore

By naveenln; Published 29 Oct 2009

Bangalore Astronomical Society and Indian Institute of Astrophysics Jointly conducted Galilean Nights sidewalk astronomy event @ Lalbagh on 23rd and 24th Oct 2009.

About 500 people on the first day and about 750 on the second day participated and shared their feeling of seeing Jupiter and Moon through various telescopes.
We had 7 telescopes of various size for public viewing, including the 14 inch Meade GOTO scope by IIAP. Galilean Nights posters and Banners were displayed to explain various concepts about jupiter and galileo.

About 11 BAS Volunteers and 9 IIAP staff spread across, were usually found busy explaining about telescopes, Galileo, Jupiter, Astronomy, Stellarium software and Moons. A few people with camera also tried hands on of astrophotography to capture Moon.

The joint venture paid off and every volunteer including the IIAP staff called off the day with satisfaction of successfully completing Galilean Nights. While BAS Volunteers continued their discussion about 30 nonstop sidewalk astronomy nights.

We would like to thank every volunteer and IIAP staff who spent their valuable time on Galilean Nights and made it a successful event. Thanks to Lalbagh Director and Deputy Director, the Police Subinspector for granting the permission to conduct the event at Lalbagh.

Photos are uploaded here :