Filing nominations for BAS Council Positions.

By p6; Published 05 Oct 2007

As announced previously, The BAS Council will be renominated on the Oct 14th. Inorder to make this process a little easier on us, and less messier on the D-Day, We've decided to muster up a consolidated list of parties interested in this activity, well in advance.  Ofcourse, This imposes no restrictions on people who'd like to file their nominations on the 14th directly, but we'd recommend you read through the procedure to submit your nomination on the internet, and do so, so that we can have things in place already.

Nominations maybe sent to . Please not that you 'll need to be a member of this google group to send mails to it. You can join the group by going to

The nomination-emails must contain the following details.

 You can read the original announcement here:

As of friday, Oct 5th, We've 10 Nominations. Please note that the maximum count of people who will constitute our council is 11. Nominations on the Internet shall be open until the 13th of October. Notices to the nominees shall be sent out publicly on the group If you 've a query regarding the administrative stucture of BAS, You may leave us one using our contact form .