E-book Project by BAS

By naveenln; Published 27 Jun 2012

As part of BAS initiatives, We would to invite you for the mini project.

The project can be done by individual or group based on the interest.
The goal of the project is to create a 10 page document with images, on various topics identified.

When the project is complete, the participants will be honored as co-authors of the final book.

If you are interested you can email me naveen.nanjundappa@gmail.com

Project end date : 31th July 2012. Topics will be allocated on first come first serve basis only.

The plan is to encourage students to learn and be focused.
1) enable self learning,
2) Information searching and reading
3) writing / authoring skill development
4) to share what is learnt
5) be active and discuss with experts.. all these are important to students/active learning.. so we have planned for this project..

Students will be given a letter of appreciation from BAS for academic purposes if required.

The agenda of this project is to create a book that will be at a common man level. An e-copy of the book will be released on Aug 15th by BAS.