Double the pleasure, Double the fun

By p6; Published 28 Feb 2007

\t\t\t\tFor there're two eclipses in March instead of one !

On March 4th, Sunday. A total lunar eclipse.

Penumbral eclipse onset: 01:48AM
Umbral Phase onset: 03:01AM
Totality: 04:51AM
End of Umbral phase: 06:42AM
Moonset (Bangalore): 06:41AM

Quite a challenge to observe the whole eclipse. Go higher up or go north for extended moon-set time. We'll await your photographs of this eclipse !

And then, on 19th Mar 2006 is AD 2007's first eclipse.. A partial solar.

While considering all places on earth, the eclipse begins at around 06:08AM IST, reaches maximum at 08:02AM and ends at 09:55AM.
However, from Bangalore's perspective,

Sunrise : 06-25AM
Eclipse starts : 06:28 AM
Maximum Eclipse : 06:55AM
Eclipse ends : 07:22AM
Eclipse Magnitude: 0.247 ( 24.7 %. Approximately a 25% Eclipse ).. A quarter of the sun's diameter will be eclipsed by the moon.
Eclipse Obscuration : 0.143 or an effective 14.3 % of Sun's aparrent angular area obscured by the moon.

Then again.. a challenge for all of us. Going up a hill with clear horizons would be a good idea. And to warn you all, Donot take chances even with the rising sun.. If you're watching the event without any equipment as such, Please make sure you buy a pair of Eclipse shades. Donot trust X-ray film and other innovative filtering.. It's your vision at stake afterall. If using a telescope and without a filter, Just project the eclipse on a white sheet of paper. Avoid using Binoculars, Finders or anything such in all circumstances.